WISDAM® About Us

Who we are

WISDAM® Enterprises is an innovative medical ICT company seeking to maximise the potential for a radically fresh approach towards genuinely ‘patient-centred’ rather then `patient on the cloud centred’ medical and social care.
It is based on Dr Rupert Fawdry’s knowledge and experience, gained from years experience of front line medicine both in hospitals and the community, combined with a 35 year personal interest both in the quality of paper records and in the potential and limitations of healthcare software programming.
The WISDAM® initiative takes full account of the need for both kinds of records; and for  workable and cost-effective links between them.
It is far more patient-centred, and acceptable to the technophobic elderly and the digitally excluded than any known alternative.

What we do

WISDAM® enterprises has developed a standardised medical and social welfare dataset which is complimentary to the thousands of incompatible commercial and government healthcare databases, because the source is always a unique paper record (optionally digital as well), held by, owned by, checked-by and updated-by each one individually.

  1. Cost-Free everywhere
  2. Designed to work in both
    ELECTRONIC and PAPER formats
  3. Based on what I know about myself
  4. Sets a Fresh Global Standard

Download free paper based Simple Wisdam below

Simple Wisdam 2020