Meet the Team



Dr Rupert Fawdry, CEO & Founder


Rupert Fawdry FRCS, FRCOG qualified in 1964 at the London Hospital. 35 years ago he first realised the potential of computers to reduce human errors in patient care, and subsequently became one of a lonely handful of senior hospital doctors who has come to accept both what computers can, and what they cannot (yet?) do.  Sadly apart from easier access to guidelines and textbooks the reality has yet to match his dreams. However he subsequently found himself an unheard advisor for almost all major maternity data initiatives and his knowledge still remains at the heart of major maternity computer systems. Paradoxically his main lifetime achievement is paper based since he became responsible for the only group of people throughout Britain who have open and full access to the master copy of their medical record; that group being all the expectant mothers nationwide who are still allowed to carry their paper based Pregnancy Health Record. Sadly despite government policy the rest of us almost everywhere are still having great difficulty in getting open access to any such records.

His article set out how, accepting the different advantages of both paper and computers, the public may play a crucial part in ensuring that at least significant aspects of our medical and social records might also become not only fully inter-operative, but also open for us to own, to check and to update wherever they may be stored, by the person who almost always knows us best: Ourselves.


Fionnuala Shannon, Senior Project Consultant

Fionnuala joined WISDAM in September 2015 bringing national and international project and programme management in health and education that spans over 17 years. Fionnuala has extensive experience in the field of GP training, community health and education in terms of strategic planning and implementation.

Helga Perry, Information Analyst.

Helga has worked with WISDAM over the past 10 years bringing a wealth of experience in information systems and analysis and assisting in the creation of the EEPD (